New Look Laser College Heads to Miami, FL April 25-26

NLLC Laser Tattoo Removal Training in Miami, FL
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New Look Laser College takes Miami!  Make sure you sign up to secure a spot for NLLC in Miami on April 25 & 26. The market for laser tattoo removal has been booming in the Miami area, and it’s directly resulted in a greater need for certified practitioners.  New Look Laser College gives students a one-of-a-kind, immersive training experience that helps them develop laser – and business – skills. Students leave each course having gained critical knowledge and and understanding of the laser tattoo removal industry, ready to start earning more money with this high-in-demand procedure.  Click here to register for the Miami training session!

Our instructor for the Miami course, Jordan Hall, is ready to teach students what they need to know to be successful in the tattoo removal marketplace.  

“I love teaching NLLC courses and sharing my laser knowledge with our students,” said Jordan. “I’m passionate about the intersection of medicine and technology because I believe it’s one of the most exciting and rewarding ways of improving people’s lives.” Jordan has worked as an Astanza Laser biomedical engineer since 2018, and is instrumental in Astanza clients’ laser maintenance, installation, and training/certification. 


New Look Laser College students have the opportunity to practice operating laser technology. Students will first practice firing the laser on paper to get used to the proper technique, and then begin treating real tattoo removal patients under the instruction of a course supervisor. NLLC trains students to use industry-leading laser technology, particularly the Astanza Duality and Trinity systems, but the course training also applies to other devices. During our extensive 2-day course, we bring in patients with different sized tattoos, ink colors, placements, skin tones, etc. for all of the students to practice administering treatments. This laser training course prepares all students for every type of patient they’ll encounter.


To prep for an NLLC course, students should avoid uncomfortable shoes, bulky jewelry, flowy sleeves, and anything else that might hinder your performance with a laser. Students will be on their feet for a considerable amount of time during hands-on laser training. Each student will receive writing supplies and a binder detailing the entire lecture/curriculum for the weekend that also has space to take notes. NLLC will provide you with all the necessary materials and equipment used for performing laser tattoo removal treatments, consultations, and aftercare. Breakfast, lunch, coffee, and other beverages are provided both days of the course. If you choose to bring a few things, we recommend bringing something to take notes in, a phone charger, and business cards.


Looking for more fun while in Miami for NLLC? Check out these fun activities during your stay!

  1. Wynwood Walls: Miami’s only outdoor street art park. The park has over 40 murals from many renowned artists.
  2. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden: This garden is 83-acres and named after Miami’s own David Fairchild. The garden has a fantastic rainforest with a stream, a sunken garden, dramatic vistas, a beautiful vine pergola, and a museum of plant exploration.
  3. Go on a boat tour at Everglades National Park: This national park is 1.5 million acres of wetlands. You will get to see alligators, cranes, turtles, manatees, and panthers roaming their natural habitat
  4. South Pointe Park: South Pointe Park is a park with beautiful panoramic views of South Beach’s shoreline. The park has family-friendly walking trails, a kid’s playground, and a splash park for the younger ones. There are also lots of places to grab a bite to eat. 


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn the ins and outs of laser tattoo removal from our team of field experts! Availability is limited, and our spring courses have been filling up fast. Start your journey with laser tattoo removal and soak up some sun with us in Miami, April 25-26! Click here to register for the Miami course, or view our full 2020 course schedule here. See you soon, Florida!

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