I’m Thinking About Becoming a Laser Tattoo Removal Practitioner: Where Do I Start?

I'm thinking about becoming a laser tattoo removal practitioner_ Where do I start_
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Have you considered becoming a laser tattoo removal practitioner, but you’re not sure where to start? Changing careers can be intimidating, but it can also be rewarding. More and more people are seeking tattoo removal now that technology has finally caught up to meet the rising demand. This has resulted in a growing need for certified laser tattoo removal specialists. Here are some steps to take to make your transition a little easier.


First, start with some light research. Researching will help familiarize you with the industry and strategize a plan to enter the market in your area. We also recommend checking out social media profiles related to laser tattoo removal. Doing so will give you a better grasp of who your target market is, help you understand your competitive landscape, and allow you to connect with other companies you may be interested in working with later on. 



Your research should also include knowing your state’s regulations to ensure your business is compliant with state and federal laws. This will help your business stay up to code and pass any inspections with flying colors. Your clients will also feel more comfortable and safe knowing that your business is following the rules and regulations put in place by the government. Click here to find your state’s laser regulations. 



Before starting your  business, you should consult with someone already operating in the industry. However, the person should preferably not be in a location near your desired start-up area (so that you avoid any unnecessary defensiveness/turf war/competitive mentality). You don’t want them to hold back on valuable advice if they feel threatened by the potential risk of you stealing their clients. Gaining insight from an experienced professional can give you clarity on essential questions you might have about the tattoo removal industry, how to interact with patients, and much more. Networking is important. You never know what game-changing insight and relationships you’ll gain.

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Lastly, it is imperative you understand the market in your area, your potential for revenue, and the existing competitors in your desired area before you get started. This information will help you determine a strong business location and how you should market effectively to your target demographic. Our friends at Astanza create customized “Market Assessments” for students and prospects interested in learning more about their desired business location, their nearby laser tattoo removal competitors, and to help in their buying/training process.


Now that you have a clearer idea of where to start your laser tattoo removal business planning, you’ll want to find the right training program to become a certified laser practitioner. While some courses train students on various laser procedures, New Look Laser College focuses solely on laser tattoo removal and offers in-depth lecture content and realistic hands-on practice on real patients. New Look Laser College will have you trained and ready to go in two days. To register for upcoming courses, click here.


Following through on these steps will help make your research easier and ensure a successful startup for your laser tattoo removal business. 


Miya Neal - New Look Laser College
Written by Miya Neal


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